One of our main lines of business is the renting of forklifts.

Tye Hin has a wide selection of forklift capacities ranging from 1.5 tonne to 15 tonnes. Our forklifts are both engine-driven and battery-powered, and can be either petrol/LPG, diesel, reach truck, or battery counterbalanced. Mostly from well-known and recognised manufacturers such as Toyota.

We provide our services to the port, warehousing, manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas industries.





Oil And Gas

Our customers come from both the public and private sectors. They include not only the industrial behemoths,
but also many single machine users who return for future needs.

We are your reliable Business Partner.

Our in-house professional and competent personnel can precisely assess our clients’ needs and offer appropriate solutions, as well as deliver the necessary
equipment to the workplace at low rates and variable rental periods based on the
client’s needs.

Tye Hin will always handle you with dignity, professionalism, and discretion. While you focus on your core skill, we will support your business operations.